15 ways to make your hair grow faster and longer

15 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer

Is your hair taking its time to grow longer? Are you growing tired of sporting short hair? If so, you may want to start growing your hair longer. Having long hair makes it easier to wear different hairstyles, which also helps you express your personality. When you have thicker and longer hair, it also shows how healthy your hair condition is. People take good care of their tresses since hair is considered an essential asset.

However, growing your hair longer isn't manageable as it sounds. If so, how can you make your tresses grow longer in a short period? Learn more about how hair growth works and find 15 ways to encourage faster and longer hair growth.


All About Hair Growth: How Does It Work?

Your hair follows a growth cycle divided into three phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Most hair follicles are vigorously growing in the anagen or growth stage, lasting for three to seven years, depending on factors and circumstances. After years of being active, these follicles will only undergo days of the transitional period before they shift into the telogen phase. In this stage, Follicles remain dormant for a few months, up until they're ready to grow new hair strands again.


However, the hair growth cycle varies from person to person. Some may experience more follicles in the anagen phase, while some may suffer from hair loss problems due to having resting follicles for a long time. Heredity, diet, and lifestyle are just some of the plausible factors that can affect how long and fast your tresses grow.

So, how will you ensure that your hair's growth cycle remains active and healthy? How can you prolong the anagen follicles' lifespan and encourage their healthy growth? Below are some of the most helpful hair care tips you can do to grow your hair quicker and longer.


15 ways for faster and longer hair growth

15 Best Hair Care Tips to Grow Your Tress Faster and Longer

Are you excited to see your tresses getting longer? Below are 15 ways on how to make your hair grow faster and longer. 


1. Start changing your diet.

What you eat will always be reflected by your outward appearance. Your hair follicles, just like any other part of your body, require ample nourishment to thrive and grow hair strands. That's why you have to eat foods that contain vitamins, minerals, and proteins needed for hair growth. What foods should you add to your diet then? The following are some enriching foods that will stimulate faster and healthier hair growth.


a. Eggs

If you're too excited to get your locks growing, then you need to include eggs in your diet. Your hair needs enough protein for building your hair shaft's structure, and eggs are excellent sources of such nutrients. 


b. Citrus fruits

It would be best to have a healthy dose of vitamin C, which you can sufficiently get from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, kiwis, and limes. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that help keep free radical damage at bay.


c. Spinach and other dark leafy greens

Spinach and other dark leafy veggies are also healthy sources of iron, which your body needs to produce hemoglobin. This blood protein carries oxygen and nutrients to the different body tissues and organs, including your hair follicles. Without enough nourishment from your blood, hair cells become harder to regenerate and multiply, thereby slowing down hair growth.

2. Always keep yourself hydrated.


Dehydration poses severe threats to your health, including your hair's condition. When you're dehydrated, your body tends to allocate water to the most vital physiological functions, leaving your hair follicles dry. As a result, they may shrink, which can slow down and hamper healthy hair growth.


3. Say no to hair coloring.

Giving your hair a life through colors sounds pretty chic, but it doesn't sound healthy for your growing locks. Many hair dye products contain chemicals that are harsh for the scalp and toxic for your hair follicles. However, if you're itching to dye your hair for a change, avoid using hair coloring products with ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, parabens, lead acetate, and even synthetic fragrances. 


4. Don't overwash your hair with shampoo.

As much as you'd like to spend more time scrubbing and massaging your scalp in the bathroom, it's not useful to overwash your hair, especially with shampoo. Shampooing is a crucial step in keeping your hygiene while preserving healthy hair follicle growth. When you use shampoo for cleansing, it prevents dirt and sebum from clogging your pores, thereby allowing hair strands to grow without trouble. However, excessive shampooing can remove locks' natural oils, causing dryness and brittleness.


5. Reduce your shower's temperature.

Besides avoiding excessive and prolonged shampooing, you should also monitor the water's temperature during bath time to prevent adversely affecting hair growth. When the water's too hot, it can strip off the natural oils produced by your scalp, making both your hair and scalp dry after shower time. 


6. Always apply a hair growth conditioner.

Hair growth shampoos aren't the only products that you need for growing longer tresses. Conditioning your hair is also one way of protecting your strands against breakage. Conditioners contain moisturizing ingredients that help repair the roughened or damaged cuticles and prevent moisture loss. It also serves as a coat to your hair strands, strengthening your locks against strand breakage.

15 ways to make your hair grow faster and longer

7. Minimize the use of heat-styling tools.

If you're aiming to grow longer locks quickly, you may need to minimize your usage of heat-styling devices such as curling irons, hair straighteners, and blow-dryers. These tools do not only cause moisture loss, but they are also culprits of severe hair damage. Once your hair becomes parched because of prolonged and constant exposure to heat, your hair becomes dryer, more brittle, and more prone to strand breakage.


8. Let your hair have a break from styling.

From curls, braids, perms up to aggressive brushing, hair extensions, and hair bleaching, your hair will most likely get damaged from too much styling and coloring. According to research, too much stress from styling can trigger traction alopecia. Thus, give your hair a break from physical tension and chemical reactions by letting your hair down or loose and skipping coloring treatments for a while.


9. Don't deprive your body of sleep.

Yes, sleep does affect hair growth. In fact, your hair growth cycle gets disturbed once your sleeping pattern also gets disrupted. Studies have discovered that melatonin, a type of hormone that regulates sleep, also increases hair growth. Thus, when you're sleep-deprived, the chances of slowing down hair growth become higher.


10. Drink healthy herbal teas.

Most herbal teas contain antioxidants that let your hair follicles thrive in a clean environment. Green tea is among the healthiest teas, with its super antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) impeding the activity of hair loss-inducing hormones. Other herbal tea drinks such as bergamot tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea, and ginger tea also have antioxidants like catechins, flavonoids, and theaflavins, which all help minimize the risk of experiencing hair follicle and cell damage.


11. Dab some essential oils on your scalp.

Besides applying shampoos and conditioners to your scalp, you may also incorporate essential oils in your hair care regimen. Essential oils have potent ingredients that target specific hair care needs, such as dryness, brittleness, thinning, and even hair loss. Some of the growth-stimulating oils are peppermint oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, and jojoba oil. You can also use vitamin E oil, a potent antioxidant source, to prevent oxidative activities from disturbing the hair growth cycle.


12. Treat yourself to hair mask treatments.

Hair masks are deep conditioning treatments for softer and hydrated tresses. However, you can also incorporate other ingredients that encourage faster and longer hair growth. You can add essential oils, herbal extracts, dairy products, and other natural constituents to make your hair mask recipe even more nourishing to your hair and scalp. 


13. Avoid getting stressed.

Stressful situations are inevitable, but you can avoid getting stressed. That's why managing your stress levels is very important since your cortisol or stress hormones also surges. Unfortunately, its increasing levels aren't healthy for hair growth since they can bind your hair follicles and shrink them.  


14. Indulge in scalp massages.

Scalp massages can help alleviate your stress after a long day at work. By doing so, you can also stimulate healthy blood circulation on your scalp, allowing nutrients to reach your hair follicles. Thus, don't forget to massage your pate gently whenever you apply hair growth products like shampoos, conditioners, and oils to your scalp.

15. Boost hair growth with serum applications.

Hair growth serums are products with potent and active ingredients, such as collagen, keratin, and biotin. Applying them every day allows your hair and scalp to receive sufficient nutrients for proper and faster hair growth. Serums are also moisturizing, which also adds protection against hair damage and breakage.


Growing Your Hair is Never Fast and Easy.

No matter how many products you apply on your tresses and scalp, a healthy lifestyle and proper diet are still the necessary steps to achieving fuller, longer and healthier locks. It is also essential to keep your strands from getting damaged, allowing them to grow longer for a long time. By exerting your fervent effort and patience in applying the hair growth products made with the best ingredients, your hair will grow long and healthy in the quickest way possible.


Get Your Hair Growing Faster and Longer.

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